Retailers and resellers

We are very happy you want to support the project as a retailer.

The process is simple:

1) send us a message to with your store name, address, website/facebook page (if applicable) and some proof you are an actual commercial activity selling games.

2) We will send you credentials for the pledge manager as retailer (select the “I’m a backer” option).

3) Your price will be € 62 per Core copy, and € 90 per Scout copy (30% off the Kickstarter price), including all unlocked stretch goals – plus shipping costs as applicable from the shipping hub closest to you. The same discount will apply to any add-ons you request.

4) You are welcome to collect orders from your customers: note that the amount you charge must not be less than the Kickstarter price. Please understand we will not service your store if we become aware you are selling at a lower price than ours.

5) As a store, you must place an order of no less than 5 copies. Your final order will be requested after the end of the project, at the time we open our Pledge Manager.


The terms above are for the English edition of the game. In case you are interested in a different language version, we will forward your request to our specific partner, and they will contact you with their proposed terms.

In case you do not comply to the above terms, your pledge will be fulfilled just like a normal pledge.