Once again – thank you!

Not only we achieved together a great funding goal, but we also unlocked all our final goals! To not miss anything, we decided to include the last goal – the Shop Board – as a special “thank you” gift – we got so close!

You did much more than just pledging some money to get a copy of a game. You made our dream a reality, bringing to fruition more than 2 years of hard work by our team. You forged a great community. You helped us shape new elements of the game. You created fiction and poetry based on our setting. You gave us many small and great suggestions to improve the game.

A new journey begins…

Far from this moment being the end – it’s the beginning. In the next weeks we will polish components, missions, mechanics and everything else. And we will start production! We will make new updates to let you know our progress, so remember to subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website sheolboardgame.com, and of course to continue following us in the next updates.

Pledge manager

We need some time to organize the work, and get final shipping quotes based on the exact unlocked content – then we will open the pledge manager on our website. If you pledged at least 3 €, you will be able to upgrade to every pledge tier without additional costs. Also, the pledge manager will be used to get your shipping information and collect the shipping costs . We will send you all a notification when the pledge manager is online.

Now and always – Preserve the Light!