Sheol Board Game

Sheol is a cooperative exploration survival game

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70+ Miniatures

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The Team

Working full time to deliver the best experience

Gabriele Porro

Game Director / writer

Computer engineer and writer. His passion for board games knows no age limit. What are some of his favorites? Strategy games and miniature wargames.

Mirko Treccani

Lead Artist

He graduated from Brera Academy in Milan and studied at Turin International School of Comics. Passionate about role-playing games, he is the lead artist and the creative soul of the project.

Elena Bandi


Graphics and Illustration specialist. She majored in Graphics at Arte e Messaggio School in Milan. For her, the best board games are those that are most graphically beautiful.

Daniels Kalasnikovs

3d artist

Here to make outstanding miniatures. Specialized in characters for the Sheol Board Game.

Luca Ricci


Proud gamer and avid boardgame collector, ranging from family games to historical board games. He helped playtesting and refining various italian board games through the years. He has a sweet spot for sci-fi settings and spaseships.

Alexa Renee

Translator / Tester

A native English speaker, she works with translations for Sheol. Board games she loves are cooperative with themes of fantasy, sci-fi, or horror.

Piero Porro


3D printing, materials, and prototyping are fundamental in a high quality game. His job is to make everything work.


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