Road to Sheol 2.0


Some time passed from the release of Sheol and it’s time to wrap up things and think about a new version. 

Also, I gathered a lot of feedbacks from the community on BGG, discord and via email, and started to work on it with the goal to reach 2.0 version, but passing trough a 1.5 version. 

To explain it simple, the 1.5 is a public version with all the errata and improvements done. I’ll publish all the material in this page.

The 2.0 is instead a brand new version of the game with strongly edited content and a lot of new content. It’s a bigger and better version of the game, a definitive version, we may say. I’ll put in this page the main features.

A personal note:

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help for this project, and I know that most of you understand that I’m not a machine, but a person, so I make errors and it takes time to do everything. Sometimes I wish Sheol was a videogame, so a patch could solve all the things, but it’s a board game, and maybe it’s that, that makes it special. Thank you. Gabriele

1.5 content and errata download

Here in the 1.5 you can find all the public files ready to download with errata corrige and many improvements/balancing features. Sheol is a solid game, but it’s very big and developed by a few people without the bugdet of big houses, so it happened there were some bugs (not so many!) and a lot of room for improvement. Sheol is also a labor of love and I’m putting a lot of time in it to polish, balance, correct and add new content. Right now (November 2023) I’m going on working on the rulebook and I published 2 documents with all the improvements/corrections done. You can find them here:

1.5 and 2.0 bugs/improvement list: Google Sheets file

Rulebook improvements: Google doc file

In the Google Sheet file you will see the target version of the edits: 1.5 or 2.0.

Main BGG thread (for discussion and suggestions)


Here is the rulebook with all the edits done and many new parts added. In focused a lot on the card details pages (that were missing in the original rulebook) to explain well all the card effects. This because many of the questions in BGG forums are about clarifications of thing and effects. 

I also edited hundreds of parts to better explain things and I added some tables at the end of the rulebook to make movements clear and fast to understand.

You can download the rulebook here below. But please note that it’s not finished yet, and the finished version will be the 1.5 version. Then I’ll move to the 2.0 version.

Download the Rulebook (current version 1.3)


Along with the rulebook, I took my time to edit a lot of cards, mainly doing balancing or rewords to clarify the effects. In this section you can download the new files to print them and play with the new versions. 

One thing I reworked almost completely were the scout missions, there were some issues there, in the connector and wrench mission in particular, I admit, and I’m sorry for that. During the development I assigned them to a person to check and develop them, but things went wrong. I only blame myself for that.

Now, I decided to revamp all the missions to also make them better in general and I added in the rulebook a new section to how to play them.

Connector Lighthield cards

Half-Light Lightshield cards

Maenad Lightshield cards

Maul Lightshield cards

Wrench Lightshield cards

Scout mission cards:

mission cards Breathless

mission cards Connector

mission cards Cyclops

mission cards Halflight

mission cards Maenad

mission cards Maul

mission cards Merciful

mission cards Pioneer

mission cards Wrench

I’ll add more files later.

Mission Manual

There were not big changes in the mission manual (for the 1.5 scope), except for the scout missions.

Mission manual scout mission pages: the pages with edited content and edited setups for the scout missions.

Sheol 2.0 Lunar Edition

The 2.0 is a brand new version of the game with strongly edited content and a lot of new content. It’s the definitive version of the game, and everyone will be able to upgrade to it in the new Kickstarter campaign I’m going to do. 

Also, it will be the new version of the game for new players.

In the next KS I’m planning (but I could change my mind due to your feedback) to make the following Pledge levels:

  • No miniatures version pledge (all the content of the old all-in + all the brand new content and expansions, but without miniatures).
  • Upgrade to 1.5 pledge (a pledge only for Sheol owners to upgrade everything except the box to the new version ). This will be as cheap as possible.
  • The new expansion only for Sheol owners (this will bring you from 1.5 to 2.0)
  • Sheol Lunar Edition (all the content of the old all-in + all the brand new content and expansions, plus all the miniatures, all in a redesigned storage box).
So, if you already have Sheol, you can buy the 1.5 pledge to get all the fixes in physical form (you can still download them from here in digital for free). Then, if you want the new content (with all the things listed below), you can purchase the 2.0 expansion.

Instead, if you don’t have sheol, you can get the all-in miniature-less version, or the all-in miniature version. There will not be a base/more cheap version with less content, because in the last campaign, basicalli 95% of all the backers got the all-in. So it’s better to make a single box with all the space optimized.

Development planned log

There are a lot of things to do. Here I resume the main. All the things listed here are improvements from 1.5 to 2.0. This means that all the bugs and issued/balances addressed in the file of the 1.5 are already done.

Simply put, these are all the new contents you’ll find the in the new version of the game. These will not be in the 1.5 version, because are new things.

  • Add 2 new Shadows and their miniatures
  • Add 2 new Scouts and their miniatures
  • Add 2 new heralds and their miniatures
  • Add 1 new Outer Lord and a big miniature
  • Add new lightstream tiles effects and revamp some mechanics
  • Create new obstacles
  • Revamp Lux board for inventory system
  • Set Difficulty levels and modificators
  • Evaluate a PvP mode
  • Add Endless mode
  • Add random events for one shot missions
  • Completely redesign the development phase, making it more interactive and important in the game scope
  • Add 2 new lands types and explorations
  • Redesign some accessory use
  • Redesign some item use
  • Create a new box with better usability and well divided
  • Increase the number of blips
  • Improve the save sheet and the save system
  • Add a new campaign of 5-6 missions with the relative story
  • Add 2 new scout missions for the new characters
  • Revamp the singleplayer experience, changing some uses of Servodroids