Amazing unboxing video

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

we have an amazing unboxing video done by The King of Average. We thank him very much for his words and for your support in the video comments. This is the strength we need to continue our work and create new products! You find the video here:

Shipping help and deadline

Right now we raised 64k gross, 61k net (3k is the stripe commission), this includes the tips (1.2k tips). There are still 280 persons that didn’t pay. We know that some people have problems and will not pay, but ff you have the possibility to cover your part, please, don’t wait for others to cover it or the deadline.

About this, we have to set a deadline that will be:


Shipping status

All the containers were collected from the factory and are waiting the ships. Here are the dates of the ship arrivals to the continental hubs. We also have some ship names so you can track them on this website:

Note that right now the ships are in china and are approching the ports to load the containers.

UK Hub

ETA: 19 July

Ship name: \

DE hub

ETA: 14 July


US Hub

ETA: 18 July (to confirm)

Ship name: ZIM ANTWERP

CN Hub

We sent an email to all the backers in the area to confirm the address. We are waiting the feedback from shipquest to start the fullfillment.

AU Hub

ETA: 25 June

Ship name: TIAN SHUN HE

We will keep you updated.

Preserve the Light!