Boxes Showcase


Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

Here we are with another update. This should have been the unboxing video update, but still we didn’t received the complete box, and we didn’t want to make you wait more. We will do an update as soon as we receive it!

But we have some good news! ^_^

Production update: boxes

We completed the boxes! Here are the photos, except the big box for who purchased the all-in and the painter set box.

Even if Sheol will not go to retail, we designed the boxes with the most care, so each of them has a specific identity that rapresent its content.

Core box
Land of the Night Miniatures box
Luminary Monks Expansion box
Engineers’ Caste Expansion box
Exiled Expansion box
Tz’mitah Expansion box

Shipping and a last call

Shipping is finally very close, we hope to ship before the games before the end of this month, but it does not depend on us, but on the factory.

Addresses are still not locked, but we are planning the pallets divisions to reach each hub in USA, EU, Australia and Asia. We have a few backers that didn’t provide their shipping address or paid the shipping costs. We sent an email to each of these backers. If you received that, please, answer us ASAP or you will not receive the game!

From now on, also, refund is not possible. It will be possible again after you received the physical game as our terms.

That’s all! We will do another update as soon as we receive the all-in of the game.

Preserve the Light!