Christmas 2021 update!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

It’s almost Christmas and we are here with a new update.

Digital Soundtrack!

The Sheol soundtrack is ready and it’s a perfect background for you gameplays on TTS! Thanks to Kai Schröer (The Wild Tusker Music Production) for this music! There is a message from him to all of you:

Hey  Guys,  This is Kai from The Wild Tusker Music Production and I am happy to be  part of this epic update today.  “Frequencies From The Unknown” is finally available to get delivered to  your ears.  

I think many of you had the chance to jump into the TTS to get your  first digital contact with Sheol and I am sure many of you have  recognized that we have implemented at least a few of the tracks from  FFTU to get you a little bit more into the right mood.  

A big shout out to everyone who is part of this awesome project and I  want to thank everyone who has already pre-ordered his copy of FFTU,  too. Thanks for your trust, support and of course I hope you will enjoy  all your parties you will play with your friends.  Like I promised at the beginning of this project, my target was to find  the sweetspot between action and silence. The perfect mix between music,  soundscapes, atmospheres, sfx and much more.  Not beeing too heavy or loud… but also not too boring at all.  I am happy about the final album and I can’t wait to read your messages,  comments and feedback how you get catched by it.  

A big “Thank You” to the whole team of Lunar Oak Studios for getting me  on board. I am very proud for beeing part of this project.  And last but not least… to all of you.  I wish you all a great time with your friends and families, a peaceful  Christmas and a beautiful new years eve.  Preserve the light!  All the best, Kai

For all the ones that purchased it, you will receive a link to a drive folder to download all the tracks. If you not receive the link in about 1 hour, please write to us.

Hope you like it!

Rulebook in German!

The rulebook in German is finished! Sabrina did a super work and finished the work in time for Christmas. So, you can download it here:

Production Update: Plastic Tray

Production is going on and we are defining with the factory the plastic inlay of the boxes. In the following images, you can see the position of the material inside each tray. Hope in the next update to show you the real plastic tray.

Bottom tray of the main box

As you can see from these photos, that is the idea of placement of all the components. About the cards, you have various areas to place your decks. For example, you have 4 spaces to place the active party equipment and lightshield cards (1 space for each scout), 1 space to place the unlocked gear of the party, 2 spaces to place the other cards.

Lid of the main box tray

On the upper lid, there are some spaces to place the tokens and other punchboards material. Also, there is the space for the bags.

What do you think about it?

Another example is the tray of the Land of the night miniatures box:

Lower tray
Upper tray

Production Update: Paper and Cardboard Material

The cardboard and paper material is in production. Here are some photos:

Double layer Servodroids board
Double layer Lux board – note that linen will be added in the final version
Shadow boards and other punchboard stuff
The bags
A punchboard sheet- Note: it will have linen in mass production

Production Estimated Completion Date

Right now, the factory is going on with the mass production, but there are many pauses, caused to Christmas period, overlap with other works that are changing the production pipeline. Actually, the factory couldn’t provide a solid finishing date. This is… well… bad, but it’s not a thing we can control. The idea is to finish before the Chinese stop for the new year (that is whole February), but we are not so confident.

The bad thing is the shipping will start in March, instead of the beginning of February, but the good news is that, perhaps, the shipping rates will decrease a little.

We are absorbing about 33’000 $ of increased shipping costs. That is an enormous cost for a small studio like us, so even a 20% decrease, will be a 6’000 $ of saving that is important for us, because as we said, we don’t want to ask you more funds.

Again, the finishing date and the definitive shipping date are things we can’t control, but we’ll update you as soon as we have solid dates. Please, be patient for this.

Shipping Address Confirm

Even if we don’t have a solid shipping date yet, as said above, we decided to start confirming the addresses to avoid problems later. Addresses are not locked yet, but please check if they are right.

Each of you will receive an email with the saved address. If it’s wrong, be sure to write to us to change it. This is crucial to receive the game.

If the address is right, you don’t have to do anything.

TTS and Discord Channel

Meanwhile you are waiting for the physical copy of Sheol, remember you can play it on Tabletop Simulator:

Playing this demo let you explore the world of Sheol and test all the main mechanics.

Also, you could join the discord channel to discuss the gameplay and meet other scouts:

Other Works

Right now, we are working mainly on 2 projects. Some of you sent us messages to learn more about them, but we can’t really say much for now. Once we are ready, we will publish some early material. Also, differently from Sheol, this time we would like to publish the TTS demo before the KS campaign. To gather your feedbacks and your feelings about the projects.

Thank you as always and remember to preserve the light during the holydays!