Half-Light sculpt and neoprene survey!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

we collected all your feedbacks about the combat system and we will evaluate them and playtest this new method in the following weeks. In this update we have great news for you!

First, we finished the sculpt of the Half-Light, the character created by the community. It was fantastic for us that you designed it, it was like you are part of the Sheol’s world now. We started from the sketch, we proceded with the final design, and finally we made the sculpture. Here are some renders for you, hope you like them!

Remember that the design of the sculpt could change a little once it will be optimized for the factory production.

Neoprene mat!

As anticipated in the comment section, we did some work with the factory to have quotes for the neoprene mat. The board will have a size of 66 x 66 cm and will be DOUBLE SIDED, stitched all around. The final price will be 29 € and the shipping costs should not increase (still not completely sure about that).

You know we are always transparent with you, so now it’s time to tell the problem: actually, the minimum order quantity for us is 1000 pieces. So, we need to sell at least 200 pieces to cover the costs. About that, we are thinking to do a survey on BGG (here is the link) to collect the votes of the people that are going to buy it. If we reach 200 votes we will make it available on the Pledge Manager. For the people without the BGG account, they could vote here, putting a +1 below this update. Remember to not vote twice!

Pledge manager almost ready

About the Pledge Manager, we finished the implementation on our website and we are doing some tests. We will open it before the end of the week. It will be divided in 2 sections: one for the backers (where you will find the KS material at the same price and you can pay the shipping expenses); and one for the not-backers (with a different price). Before the access to the pledge manager, every backer will receive an email with a username, password and a coupon code that correspond to the pledge he/she did. It’s very important to access the pledge manager with the given credentials to pay only the shipping expences. You also can add new material it you want.

Stay with us for the next updates, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified once the PM opens.

Preserve the Light!