Halloween Update!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,
Trick or Lux? After the digital content update, surprises are not over yet! We decided to prepare an Halloween themed update with some new artworks and an insight view on the minis refactoring.

Late pledge on Gamefound

In the last update we delivered the digital content of Sheol for the KS backers. For who is not a KS backer, don’t worry, you can access the digital material (from today, bigger) purchasing Sheol on the new platform: Gamefound. We decided to use the platform GameFound for late pledge backers because is a fantastic platform made specifically for board games by the creators of Nemesis and Tainted Grail. Check it out here:


The KS backers must still use the Pledge Manager on our website. Remember that order using the PM is crucial to receive your game. We cannot ship to you if we have not your shipping address!

If you have any problem, you can write to info@sheolboardgame.com

Late Pledge and the PM will remain open until February 2021.

Take a walk on the dark side: Corrupted Scouts

For the Halloween Night, the scouts show their dark side: the corrupted one. We talked about corruption mechanics in this campaign update, where we presented 3 corrupted scouts: The Pioneer, The Maenad and The Cyclops. Today we show you other 3: The Breathless, The Wrench and The Mercyful.

New digital material

All this images are available in HD in the digital material folder, under “extra”. If you want to bring the corruption on your desktop, we added 2 new wallpapers dedicated to this theme in the “wallpapers” folder. Here there is one as preview:

Insight view on the minis refactoring

As you already know, in those days we are going on the refactoring of the miniatures for the printing. We are already at 60% of the work and in this update we also want to share with you how this process is made, focusing as example on our “Gliding Terror”: The Moth.


Each sculpt starts from the 2d design. For the Moth, the reference is a winged creature, so the stand should hold the central body from the bottom. Also there are many tentacle-like filaments to keep in the sculpt to give the idea of a body made of shadow.


The early 3d sculpt is done from the 2d. As you can see, the filaments are recreated in the body and as extrusions from the base and the wings. The early sculpt is very similar to the 2d, but this carry some feasibility problems that should be solved before making the printing. In this phase, usually, the model is printed using a 3d printer to evaluate the fragility and the critical points of the model.


A model that can be printed using a 3d printed (by resin or PLA material) often can’t be produced using PVC injection. This because the plastic for massive production is injected in molds that are composed by 2 or 3 valves that have to open to release the miniature. Also, the parts that are too thin can not be produced once the final size is defined. The factory designers in this phase propose a semplificated version of the sculpt that is the most feasible design. In most cases, some details are lost, so the next phase is recreate them.


Our team works on the factory feedback sculpt and the early sculpt to edit the parts to keep the design feasible, but close as possible to the original concept. In our example we reduced the wings that were too large (1), made the head bigger and the mouth deeper (2) and increased the number of filaments on the wings (3). This phase is a loop of feedback and edits to find a balance between idea and feasibility.


In the end, after many feedbacks and edits, the final sculpt is reached.

The Moth is a quite simple miniature, but Sheol has many complex miniatures that should be printed in multiple parts and assembled by the factory. Some examples are the Marauder (final version):

Or, always to remain in the Halloween theme, the Whisperer (final version):


Once all the miniatures are finalized, the factory will send us the physical prototypes. We will do a dedicated update once this phase is complete.

We are going on!

We are also going on with the rest of the work: balancing, missions writing and artworks creation. Remember that in Sheol almost all cards are unique, so there are a lot of artworks!

Hope you liked this update, stay safe during the Halloween time. Some scouts are already in the mood in the discord channel, also, there is a section where you can ask questions to the Sheol Team. If you want to join use this link: https://discord.gg/DGa8cKB

We are not always online, but time to time we will access to join the discussion.

Preserve the Light!