Herald: The Whisperer

sheol herald the whisperer

“Madness is not rare in the lands of the night. Many scouts report having seen some of their deceased comrades call them from the darkness of some abandoned buildings. Some time ago, I met a scout who claimed to have seen his deceased partner in an ancient library. The woman called him, whispering through the corridors overflowing with rotten books, drawing him deeper and deeper into the underground levels of the building. When the man finally succeeded in reaching her, in her place he found the huge jaws of a shadow spread open to devour him and the woman’s corpse suspended over the shadow, inviting him to get devoured. The scout managed to flee, but even now during the nights he hears the whisper of his beloved calling him in his dreams. Perhaps one day he will give up and return to the library to look for her and give her peace.” – (excerpt from the scholar’s diary)


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