Lunar Oak Studio Update

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

we have some news on the project and the future of the studio. Let’s go!


Some of you saw the news about the China lockdown and the harbors situations. It seems is getting better (at least in our production region) so the factory restarted the production and finally we have a shipping date: MAY 20th!

On that day, if there are no other problems, all the pallets will leave the factory and start their journey to your houses. The first stop will be Ningbo Port, and from there the containers will depart to the continental hubs. We are sorry for the various delays.


Last week we posted on Discord and the comment section an unboxing video. Many people didn’t saw it so we repost it here. DISCLAIMER: remember that the news about the factory lockdown at the beginning of the video is now overwritten by the shipping paragraph up.


Lunar Oak Studio website

Lunar Oak Studio (LOS) has finally a website online, a facebook page and an istagram page. We offer various services, check them out if you like.




Also, the studio will be the editor of the new projects. The last weekend we were at a convention with our new project and the reaction were very good! We will do a reveal update when we are ready.

Preserve the Light!