Miniatures samples showcase!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

let’s do a brief recap of the status of work on Sheol before pass to the update main topic.

Sheol work status

Artworks: Sheol has more than 150 original artworks. The art director Mirko and the colorist Stefano worked a lot on them and only a few are missing. Some arworks are so detailed, that we decided to put them in the mission manual, transforming it in an artbook as well!

Mission manual: Gabriele wrote 31 missions out of 32, so only one is missing. Sheol story is very deep and complex and spreads in more than 120 pages (144 in total) of the mission manual. We decided to change the page size from A4 to a 28×28 cm square size to contain the artworks as well.

Cards: we have 104 large cards, 112 mini cards and 566 standard cards! Almost all unique. We revamped the graphics layouts of almost all the cards to create a better user interface.

Punchboards and tokens: we rationalized some tokens and converted them in red, blue and violet plastic cubes. Sheol still has many tokens, but cubes are better for many uses.

Rulebook: in the last year the Sheol game experience was drammatically enhanced, and some rules changed according to playtests. The rulebook will be the last thing we will finalize.

Soundtrack: we have a word from the composer Kai:

Dear  fellow Trailblazers,  it’s Kai again! A couple of months passed since my last words to the  community. In reaction to the „Sheol Digital Content“ update in October ’20 again  we received many kind words, messages and comments regarding the music  of S.H.E.O.L.   Whenever I read your feedback, and I know I repeat myself here, I am  very happy and motivated to work on that soundtrack. Thank you!  Today I‘ve picked a little teaser for you. It’s one of the more  atmospheric tracks that drives through the background and evolves from  time to time. It creates the perfect mood to dive into the game. I hope  you like it!  Thanks again – preserve the light!

Miniatures and production: our contact with the factory is constant and here we go to the main topic of this update, because we finished almost all the miniatures, except the citadel. We also received the first samples of printed material and it’s very good!

Punchboards and double layer boards

Miniatures and miniatures!!

Today we want to show you the miniatures samples we received from the factory. These you see are production samples, that are less detailed than the final ones (the last photo) that are made in gray PU plastic. Also the miniatures you will receive will be gray.

We already showed you the bosses in the update about boss fights, but now we have the characters, the shadows, the heralds and the mechs. We shot a photo only of the front to not make and endless gallery, but we will update the rear and back photos (on high quality) on discord. KS compresses a lot the photos so the quality is blurry.



Lurker and its nice filaments

Devourer, a massive shadow

Moth, flying to get you

Sentinel, a dead flower

Swarmer, blob… blob..


Hunter, ready to kill

Marauder, with a ship inside its body

Awakener and its dead people

Skin rider, a possessed mech

Mindblower. In the final version there will be no hole

Whisperer, you have to see the back of this one!


Pioneer, someone said the wires were impossible to do

Maenad, with her lux spear

Cyclops, but he lost his arms!

Breathless, we like the cloak

Half-light, designed by the community

Connector, subnet surfer

Merciful, for the Holy Light!

Wrench, go Shishi!

Maul, chosen warrior of the Exiles

Mech and drones

Mech of the engineers’ expansion

Servodroid, for solo players

Some other final samples directly from Gabriele’s desk

Preserve the Light!