Plastic inlays and neoprene mat


Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

Here we are with another update. There are good news, so, let’s start! ^_^

Production update

Now the factory is on holiday for the Chinese New Year. By the way, we managed to go on with a few things:

Miniatures production is complete.

Paper (cards, manuals, punchboards) production is almost complete.

Plastic inlays are in production (see below).

Boxes are in production.

Neoprene mat is in production (see below).

Everything should be ready (we hope in no other factories delays) by the end of this month, so March (finally) will be the shipping month!

Plastic inlays

In the last update, we showed you the layout of the plastic inlays. Now the inlays are ready! Here they are:

Core box
Land of the night miniatures (don’t worry for the white spots)

Neoprene mat

It’s time to show you some photos of the neoprene mat as well:

Shipping Address Confirm

After the last update we sent you an email to confirm the shipping address. Many of you answered us with address changes. Before shipping, we will send another email to confirm the address. Remember to check it to update your address. Also, if you changed the address and you didn’t communicated it to us, please send us an email to

If the address is unchanged, you don’t have to do anything.

Digital Soundtrack!

The Sheol soundtrack is ready and you should have received it. If you purchased it and you haven’t received the email with the link to download it, don’t hesitate to write us an email to and we will send it to you!

Also, it is a perfect background for your gameplays on TTS!

TTS and Discord Channel (again)

Meanwhile you are waiting for the physical copy of Sheol, remember you can play it on Tabletop Simulator:

Playing this demo let you explore the world of Sheol and test all the main mechanics.

Also, you could join the discord channel to discuss the gameplay and meet other scouts: