Production, new mechanics and discord channel

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

as promised, here there is a new update!
We are continuing working on many aspects of the game. In particular, the production, the making of the mission manual, the drawing of the new illustrations, and the testing.

Story and Mission manual

Gabriele is writing the intros and outros of each mission. We decided to deploy 4 pages for each mission to embed the story text, the mission setup, the mission variables and some illustrations. Also, in each mission have some info-boxes that you can read to delve into the Sheol’s world.
Sheol has 30 missions in the All-in version, so the mission manual pages will be 30 x 4 + intro story + glossary + optional pages = over 130 pages! It’s practically a novel!

New illustrations and digital material

Mirko is working on the illustrations. As you remember, each land has a beautiful illustration on it, that also appears on the event cards related to the land. Sheol illustrations have a unique style, but that is not the only good thing, in fact every illustration and character in Sheol is studied. The things that appear in this sci-fi illustrations are all coherent and studied, and it’s not easy in an original world!

Also, there is a great news for you: in the next update, in October, we will grant you the digital material of Sheol. It will consist in some wallpaper for your computer or smartphone, and some original posters made specifically for this reward level. But that’s not all: we will also include a small story settled just before the events of the main campaign; and a bonus track the digital album “Frequencies From The Unknown” made by Kai Schröer. Check it out on our website!

An especially important thing to underline is that this content it’s not just a collection of elements, but an introductory experience of the Sheol’s world reserved to the KS backers.

Production news

We are continuing to work on the optimization of the miniatures. We gathered your feedbacks, so we are trying to keep as close as possible of the ones we showed on the KS page. Here you can see Avadon, one of the Outer Lords of Sheol. The new version is almost identical to the preliminary one.

We are also making deals with the shipping companies that will deliver Sheol. And we plan to ship everything in one wave, in 2021. We will update you about this important topic in the next months.

Testing and new mechanics

We are continuing the testing on the missions and on the progression of the characters. That is a particularly important part in Sheol, because after each mission you return into the Citadel to upgrade your team.

We are testing the combat cards as well, and study the parts of the game that need a little expansion. For example, in these days we are evaluating to enhance the building mechanics. We are not referring to the lightpaths, that works very well, but to the extractor placing in lands. If you remember, after you enter in each land you can place an umbra extractor to grant you a gain of umbra crystals turn after turn. So, we are thinking: why not placing other structures as well? Why not placing a turret, or a lux converter, or a shield to protect that settlement?

At the same time, we don’t want too many things to build, to not distract from the main mechanics and change the balancing. So, right now, we are evaluating 2 things: the structures you can build are not all available from the start, but you have to unlock them, or upgrade them, mission after mission during the Citadel Phase; the structures you can build are limited and have to be chosen for each character at the beginning of the mission. For example: The Pioneer could decide to carry a lux converter and an umbra extractor, o 2 umbra extractors, or other combinations. In this case there is another strategy level to consider before starting the missions.

Pledge manager

The pledge manager is working well, and we are receiving your shipping payments, but still there are a lot of people who have not compiled it yet. Remember that order using the PM is crucial to receive your game. We cannot ship to you if we have not your shipping address!

Remember that if you have any problem, you can write to

If you missed the tutorial to use the PM, you can find it here.

Many people also asked how much time the PM will remain open. Well, we plan to keep it open until the last days before the starting of the components printing. So, until February-March.

Discord Channel

Some scouts set up a discord channel to discuss Sheol, also, there is a section where you can ask questions to the Sheol Team. If you want to join use this link:

We are not always online, but time to time we will access to join the discussion.

Preserve the Light!