We have been going on like this for years. These days of eternal night that we call “cycles” make it difficult to keep track of the passage of time. Even the seasons no longer exist, there is only an immense cold stasis that covers the whole world.

By now, most people think that the Island of Light is approaching its end and take refuge in the virtual worlds of the subnet or indulge in alcohol in the slums. They no longer want to think about the world of darkness that surrounds us, and they are content with the decadent microcosm that has become the Citadel. Only scouts, despised by most because they still remember humanity’s failure in the face of darkness, hold faith in the future. Some of them, teams of brave individuals, travel through the land of the night, resisting the cold, the attacks of the shadows, the terror that devours the souls, and the infinite solitude because they still hope.

Perhaps I am delusional, but I am firmly convinced that these men and women will be our way to victory against the shadows and the day will soon come, yes, the day will come when we will finally reclaim our home, our planet, our Earth.

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