Sheol is now a KS EXCLUSIVE

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

This post is especially important to all of us at Lunar Oak Studio.

Today we want to tell you two things. The first is that Sheol will not go to the retail market. Sheol is a very expensive product and we don’t want to compromise with the quality of the materials or their quantity. Each piece of Sheol is interconnected with the others, and bringing out a retail product, due to market percentages, would have meant breaking the game, stripping it of some aspects, or greatly worsening the quality of the materials.

For these reasons Sheol will remain KS exclusive.

The second thing we want to tell you is about the components, and it’s more of a confession. The prices of materials and plastics have risen a lot in the last year due to the pandemic, reaching increases of up to 20%. Ours is a small company and with Sheol we did a project like that of the campaigns that raise millions, but without collecting them. Given the increase in costs, there have been times when we could have cut parts (like the box that holds all the pieces of the All-in) or reduce components, or make the miniatures simpler, but we didn’t, because it would have meant betraying your trust. We did not want to cut parts, even if this would have increased our profit, making us money, rather than simply covering the costs.

With this post we absolutely do not want to say that we are better than others, on the contrary, we have made many mistakes, because this is our first project, but we simply want to share with you that we have put the whole product as an artistic and creative realization in front of the simple gain. We didn’t want to do a campaign just for profit (although money is certainly important) but because we could be proud of having created something unique and original. Sheol is like a child to us, and it is our first product to the world of board games, so we want it to be the best it can be.

Our intention is to continue to create other projects with Lunar Oak Studio. Our goal is to create games with unique dynamics and as original as possible from an artistic and setting point of view.

We hope with all of ourselves that you backers understand this and will still support us in the next projects (one is already in the pipeline), which we hope will entertain you.

Pledge manager and Shop

Since, as we said, Sheol will not go into retail, we have decided to extend the possibility of purchasing on Gamefound, which will act as an online shop. This will also allow us to raise some extra money to partially compensate for the increases in production costs.

On the other hand, the pledge manager at will close at the end of the month as promised. There are still about 50 backers who have purchased the game but have not communicated the address and have not paid the shipping costs. We have sent additional reminder emails to their KS addresses.

To this people: please complete the PM as soon as possible or we will not be able to ship the game to you!

Upcoming gameplay video

We have received some private messages asking for new gameplay. Now that we have finished improving all the components we will record a video in tabletop simulator in which we will show you the improvements made to the gameplay in the last months. You will also be able to appreciate the new graphics, from the board to the cards, completely revised from in readability and art.

Lastly, have you seen the last video about miniatures? Check it out here:


Thank you for reading and for your support in our project.

Preserve the Light!