SHEOL JOURNAL 00: KS Launch, Thank You, and a new Video Review!

sheol board game live on kickstarter

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

First of all, thank you very much for all your support! We have more than 800 backers and we are at a third of our goal. Together, we can do it!

We also want to thank Ares Games, that is collaborating with us to coordinate the KS Campaign and to deliver the best content to you. Ares has a lot of experience in creating board games and they already successfully launched and delivered multiple KS campaigns (their most recent one is “Masters of the Night”). Even if this is our first campaign, with their help, together with the experienced manufacturers we are picking for the production of the project, we are sure we can deliver you a game with excellent production values.

There is still a long journey to the funding goal, we know that. In the next days, we will work to spread the word as much as possible. If you want to help us, share a link to our project with your friends and gaming groups.

Right now, a honest review by The King of Average has also been published. Watch it now: