sheol board game miniature dipinte

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

You asked us many questions about the miniatures, and in this update, we will try to answer the main ones.

First of all, the most popular question about miniatures focuses on quality and detail. We want to reassure you. We will produce the miniatures with the support of one of the best – if not the best – Chinese board game manufacturing factory. A few days ago, our game director, Gabriele, took a long virtual tour of the factory on a live feed connection with China and was impressed with the new equipment and the quality of the plastic injection machines. This not only will allow creating detailed miniatures on the quality level of games such as Tainted Grail, or Rising Sun, but also optimizing them at their best.

sheol board game miniature dipinte

In fact, the miniatures that you see on the project page will be refined and polished in some areas (for example, the slightly thin threads will be thickened, or some of the palaces of the Citadel will be polished), but without changing their appearance too much, or reducing quality. In fact, quite the opposite! Thanks to our tests through 3d prints and samples, we are sure that the quality will increase compared to that of the renderings. After the campaign, we will continuously update you on this aspect and publish photos of the new prototypes.

sheol board game miniature dipinte

The second question concerns the plastic and color of the miniatures. First, the manufacturing factory we have selected, unlike others, makes use of plastic cooked at a higher temperature, which allows greater hardness and resistance. It is ideal for us because many of our miniatures are made up of several pieces that will be pre-assembled, so that you can have a ready-to-play product. The color will be light gray, which will allow anyone who loves to paint them to do so easily. Here you can see what our artist, Simone Miraldi, could achieve painting our miniatures. He used the “official” colors of Sheol, but you can indulge in decorating them as you wish!

Another question you have often asked us on Facebook concerns the presence of miniatures in the game. There are games in which beautiful miniatures appear but are never used in the game, or they do little. Well, that’s not the case in Sheol. You will use the characters during the game; the Shadows will surround the gates of the Citadel; and when a Herald enters the game, you will fight hard to destroy it and escape from its huge miniature looming over your brave scouts.

sheol board game miniature dipinte

Then, there are the districts of the Citadel. They are not just decorative pieces, but they are actually used in the game. In fact, the Citadel will expand mission after mission, becoming bigger and stronger and allowing you – through its districts – to apply new skills or change your game tactics.

As for the style of the miniatures, we have tried to make Sheol’s atmosphere shine through. The game world is our main feature, and we wanted every miniature to be consistent with it. We didn’t want to create a game that looks like a giant arena where everything from chimeras to mutant zombies can appear. On the contrary, we wanted monsters to have their own coherence and style. We did the same thing for the characters, who retain the distinctive features of their archetypes or faction, but at the same time, we did our best to keep them appealing and in style with the same party.

The bosses, finally, had to stand out from everything else, conveying their majestic power and importance compared to the other miniatures. And they do!

Thank you so much, Explorers of the Night! Follow us for the next updates.

Preserve the Light!