social stretch goal sheol board game

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

Many of you in the Comments section gave us wonderful suggestions for this campaign. One that echoed a lot was the use of double-layered cardboard for the “Lux Vial” board. We think this is a really great idea, and we decided to turn this idea in a Social Goal.

We already had two social goals to announce today:

  • our first Land Pack, expanding the landscape and mission options:
  • our first set of cool Items for your Scouts

… and the Enhanced Lux board will become the next one!

Your mission, brave scouts, is to help us by sharing the post pinned at the top of our Facebook page, and to help us grow the fan base of our Boardgamegeek page (click the little heart and subscribe!).

social stretch goals sheol board game

Help us to spread the world of Sheol, and very soon we will unlock the double layer Lux board, as well as the new land, mission, events and items!

Thank you so much, Explorers of the Night! Follow us for the next updates.

Preserve the light!