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Hello, trailblazers of the unknown, as announced today we have big updates!

I want to thank you all personally for you support and make some announcements. First, from today we will start a contest to design a new character that will be included in the sheol core box. The contest will be in three phases. You will find all the infos here below. We expect great ideas from you!

Then, during this week we will announce the first add-on, that is practically an expansion of the game. Do you want to guess what is about? I’ll give you a hint, this one: (pray).

Finally we will have new social goals (you spoke we listened), new updates about sheol world, and other things! Campaign is going slow but steady. Spread the word on the social networks and on BGG. We can make it, with your support! Preserve the light, Brave scouts!


We have decided to create an interactive challenge to design, together with you, a new Kickstarter-exclusive scout that will be included FREE in the core pledge as a bonus goal, .The scout will become a new playable character of Sheol with a lantern, a weapon, a set of 13 lightshield cards, as well as a dedicated mission!

sheol contest


Share your character idea on the relatedthread we opened on BGG and in the comments of the pinned post on our Facebook page. Of course, there are some rules. You should indicate:

  • The scout nickname (always starting with a “the”, ex: The Pioneer)
  • A brief description
  • His/her main lantern and weapon

Note: Remember that the means of transport are already in the accessories that you could apply to the character, so they should not be indicated.

Phase 1 will end Thursday 21, 14.59 UTC


Once we have collected all your suggestions,  we will choose the best ideas and our artist Mirko will make three sketches of them. The number of sketches will increase based on the number of shares of the Facebook contest main post. He will make 4 sketches If we reach 50 shares, 5 if we reach 100 shares and 6 for 150 shares.

We will publish the sketches on the update of Friday 22, 15.00 UTC. Then you can vote the one you like the most until Monday 25, 14.59 UTC.


Based on the 2 most voted sketches our artist Mirko will make 2 detailed designs. We will publish them on Wednesday 27, 15.00 UTC update. Then you will have time to vote until Saturday 30, 14.59 UTC.

We will announce the winner on Monday 1, 15.00 UTC. The scout we create with your support will be included in the corebox pledge.

Thank you for all your support, stay tuned because we have many surprises for you coming this week!

Preserve the light, brave scouts!

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