faction expansion Luminary Monks

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

We promised that we would have big news in our update today, and here it is: we are proud to present our first add-on, the faction expansion Luminary Monks.

The Luminary Monks enter the field to fight against the darkness, and they do so by bringing with them a new character that some of you already know – The Merciful – and new game mechanics.

faction expansion Luminary Monks

Yes, you got it right! The expansion not only adds six new miniatures, new cards, upgrades, tokens, and more, but also an entirely new game mechanic: Citadel events, perfectly integrated with the Core game. These events expand our knowledge of the Citadel and its inhabitants through choose-your-path events – Sheol is not only darkness, but also light. The events will start during the game development phase through dedicated cards, and their resolution will reward players, while still keeping the game experience balanced.

faction expansion Luminary Monks

But that is not all. With this expansion, threats in Sheol also become more varied. A new base Shadow – the Sentinel – is added to the three already available, increasing the variability of the Shadows revealed in each game mission. The Sentinel is a Shadow that does not move but can attack from a distance, making it able to control certain playing areas. The new miniatures, tokens, and the dedicated shadow board integrate perfectly with the Core game.

faction expansion Luminary Monks

Finally, on the narrative side, the expansion enhances your experience with the addition of four new missions (one for the Merciful and three for a new mini-campaign). The new missions are parallel to the main storyline, opening up new scenarios and revealing new secrets in Sheol’s background story.

How you can add this expansion to your pledge

You can include optional add-ons such as this Luminary Monks Expansion using the “Manage your pledge” button appearing on the project page. You keep the same pledge selected – but you simply designate a higher euros amount. So, if you want to add €29 for this  add-on to your €129 pledge, simply keep the same reward level, but make your pledge €158.

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to designate how to use your pledge in our Pledge Manager (to be activated a few weeks after the campaign ends). It is not mandatory that you increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include add-ons using the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign. However, each euro pledged now will help the project to achieve its goal. There will be no Pledge Manager, if we do not achieve the goal first, and your support now can make the difference.

Thank you so much, Explorers of the Night!  Follow us for the next updates.

Preserve the light!