sheol contest phase 2
Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown, the Council of the Citadel has gathered, and after many hours of analysis, we declared the 4 winners!

sheol contest sketch

They are (in no particular order):

  • THE HALF-LIGHT by Phil Szczpinski
  • THE ILLUMINATOR by Kasper Schuldt
  • THE HAMMER by Thomas Millard
  • THE GEMINI by Stanley Chang

Other honorable mentions: The Executioner by Brody Kundinger, The  Administrator by Jan Grobok Paulista, The Sinth by Adam Rossi, The  Nomad by Marcel Claxston, The Knight by Thomas Millard, The Lost, The  Noble Son and The Merchant by Kevin Judd, The Templar by Kyle Horonzy,  The Amor by Denis Loebner, The Gorgon by Andrea Milani, The Owed by Nick  Helferick, The Exalted by Andre Martinez, The Conduit by Daniel Mckay,  The Newborn by Jack Frost, The Scrap by Bam Mighty.

You have been amazingly creative, and who knows, maybe in the future more of your creations might become a part of the world of SHEOL!

Phase 2: Start!

A dispatch was sent to our artist, Mirko, who prepared the sketches! Now its your turn again! It’s time to vote for the two best designs. You have  until May 25th to vote on the thread we opened on our Boardgamegeek page. The two selected designs will be refined and more detailed versions will be created for the final phase!

Daily Unlock – and Social Goal Achieved!

As we promised, today we are starting  daily unlocks of additional game material. The first one adds 2 more Menace cards to the Shadow deck, granting to shadows additional active and passive effects.

daily goal

Thanks to your efforts, we also unlocked our first social goal: we will add to the content of the Luminary Monk expansion the “Into the Creed” mini-expansion, with 2 special refugee lands and one large Event card.

And the next goals are also almost unlocked: we need only 30 more Instagram followers to achieve the second one, and with a few more shares on Facebook, the third goal will also be unlocked. Here you can find the Facebook post to share on board game groups you are active on (the most helpful thing for the campaign) or on your profile page.

Thank you so much, Explorers of the Night! Follow us for the next updates.

Preserve the Light!