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Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

recently, thanks to our contest, we had the chance to speak a lot of Sheol characters in a general way, so in today’s update we decided to focus on the first 2 characters of main team of Sheol.

The Pioneer

Let’s start with Marco Reed a.k.a. The Pioneer. This scout was the first to be built during the design phase and served as a basic archetype for the creation of the  other characters.

sheol pioneer

The thrill of venturing into the depth of night is both magnificent and terrible at the same time. From darkness that seems to want to devour you to the melancholy of exploring a place that once belonged to mankind, the risk of madness is a clear and present danger. But not for the Pioneer, who, with indomitable spirit, has been tracing new paths through the darkness. Until his light goes out, there will be a safe road to travel.

The Pioneer is the key character of Sheol and the born leader of the team. A veteran scout, he specializes in building the lightstream and he is a well-rounded character.

The action cards at his disposal are focused on the construction and manipulation of the lightstream. For example, Demolition (“Pay 1 Lux and an action to destroy a path in a range of 3. Deal 2 damage to every enemy orthogonally adjacent to the destroyed path”) is a very useful card to damage the shadows near the lightstream, while Luminous Convergence (“During a construction action of a teammate, he or she can build an additional path”) can help companions to build more paths during their turn.

Each character also has a special card, a “super move”, which can change the fate of the game if used in the right way. This card has golden graphics and its power changes according to the level reached by the citadel.

In the case of the Pioneer, this card allows you to illuminate the surrounding areas creating a chain effect. Useful if you are surrounded by enemies!

sheol journal 10

The Maenad

The second character we are talking about is Iris Light a.k.a. The Maenad. The first thing you might ask yourself is: why is it called that? Well, Maenads were dancers and followers of the god Dionysus, and you may remember they are represented in a famous painting by John Collier. Our Maenad lost her legs in an accident that you will find out about during the game, and thanks to her bionic replacements, she has gained unprecedented speed and movement ability.

Iris is a survivor. Abandoned as a child, she grew up fending for herself among the lower levels of the Citadel. The two things this life gave her were an orphan’s surname and a warrior’s education. Witnessing her prowess with the light spears is all you need to understand that her dance can be both harmonious and lethal. Iris has made her skills available to the Island of Light scouts, but don’t ask where the skull she uses as a mask comes from – she could replace it with yours.

The Maenad is a fast and sharp character. Master of movement, she is the ideal character for quick sorties in the Land of Night and for striking at the heart of enemy swarms. The cards at her disposal show her propensity for movement speed and quick attacks. Lightstream surfer (“Use this card to move the character to a connected lightpath within 5 cells”), for example, allows you to quickly jump on the lightstream, while Fearless leap (“During a movement action, you can pass an empty cell as long as the next one is a path or a land”) allows you to overcome even areas not yet traced by the lightstream.

The Maenad is versed in short-range attacks: her ideal weapons are spears, swords and other melee weapons. Its special card allows you to quickly hit multiple targets by jumping from one to the other. Do you want to quickly split enemy lines or punish a Herald? Send the Maenad!

Daily Unlock: Augmented Skills #1

We continue our daily unlocks and today we have the “Augmented skills #1” set unlocked! This mini-expansion adds 2 new upgrade skill cards to use with your characters.

Skills are very important to do a special action or to modify current actions, such as an attack. These cards will be added to the core box and anhance your upgrade possibilities during the development phase.

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Preserve the Light!