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Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

in today’s update we focus on the other 2 characters present in Sheol’s core pledge.

The Cyclop

The first is Washington Bud a.k.a. The Cyclop. Bud is a tough guy who prefers a cannon shot to words.

To smash the coral skull of a creeping shadow, biceps as big as barrels are all you need, but to wield a Heavy Radiator gun you need to have “muscles forged from the same titanium that supports the upper quarters of the Citadel,” so the Cyclop always says. After losing an eye in combat due to a missed shot, he decided from that day on to use a weapon so powerful that aiming would become superfluous. And so, he did.

cyclops sheol

But do not think he is a shallow character! Bud has a very complex past: he served in CLEU, one of the special corps of the service engineer caste, before becoming a scout. His loyalty to his companions is shown by his defensive abilities. Cards like Safeguard (“Use this card to prevent 2 damage for an ally”) allow him to protect allies, while One man army (“During an attack action, you inflict one more damage if there is at least one ally within 5 cells”) allows you to increase your damage if you fight side by side with your allies.

cyclops sheol

The Cyclop is a character to be sent to the front lines when it is necessary to defend the Citadel from a particularly difficult wave of shadows that is putting it at risk. His special card, Charged lux emitter, not only allows you to damage the shadows, but to temporarily reject them.

In addition, the Cyclop has several lightshield “discounts” on attack actions at its disposal. Discounts in SHEOL are extremely important because they allow the character to save Lux on certain favorite actions. Do you really want firepower? Send the Cyclop!

sheol journal 11

The Breathless

The last character included in  the core set (but not least important!) Is Aurora Clark a.k.a. The Breathless. Aurora is a silent and relentless sniper, capable of hitting a shadow miles away.

Before the Submersion, mankind had achieved achievements that some would define divine. One of these was amortality, gained through genetic manipulation. However, the human brain is not made to live forever, and after the Submersion , missing the proper medications, most of the amortals have gone mad, lost their memory or turned into vegetables. Only the strongest-willed, like the Breathless, have preserved their mental stability. Hundreds of years of practice have Aurora an infallible sniper, while the patience that only an amortal can have make her capable to wait for days, if not weeks, for her prey. Some wonder why she goes out into the Lands of the Night to risk her life instead of staying safely in the Citadel, she replies that after seeing everything, death is the only thing that can make you feel alive again.

the breathless

The Breathless is a character that acts from a long distance, ideal for working in combo with characters that strike at close range like The Maenad. It has cards like Eye of the eagle (“Pay 2 movement points to increase the range of a weapon or a lantern by 1 until the end of the turn”) that allows you to trade movement points to increase the range, or defensive techniques such as Relocating techniques (“During the attack of a shadow you can move one cell. If you leave the range of the shadow doing so, avoid any damage”) that compensate for the lack of movement and allow her to react during the shadow turn.

the breathless

In addition, like all characters, The Breathless also has a special attack that increases as the level of the Citadel goes up. With Oblivion marksman she can deal massive damage to multiple ranged targets, ideal against Heralds or even “bosses”. If you want to dominate the territory while keeping your distance – use The Breathless.

Daily Unlock: Research and Development #1

We continue our daily unlocks and today we have the “Research and Development #1” set unlocked! This mini-expansion adds 2 new upgrade accessory cards for the characters. Accessories are equipped below the charater board and have a specific amount of charges. During the missions, scouts could spend the charges to perform unique actions such as increase their movement. In fact, many accessories are vehicles like hoverboards, motorbikes and more! These cards will be added to the core box and anhance the upgrade possibilities during the development phase.

daily goal

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