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Hello , Trailblazers of the Unknown,
another week passed and we are almost at 60% of the goal. As always I want to thank you for your support and your enthusiasm. The constest went very good and below you can find the winners of the second phase. Now, our artist Mirko will create a design with more details for the final voting that will start on Thursday. We also have other news for you! Today we have added new social stretch goals and as you can see there is also a new herald and its miniature. Hope you like it! On Wednesday we will announce the new addon (that is my favourite), and it’s related to another faction of the Citadel. Finally, this week we will have a couple of updates with focus on the game mechanics and the shadows. Thank you very much! Spread the word to help us reach the goal and…preserve the light!

Contest: Phase 3!
Voting is closed and we have the two finalists:

THE HALF-LIGHT by Phil Szczpinski
THE GEMINI by Stanley Chang

sheol contest

Mirko will prepare the advanced designs and, beginning on Thursday, it will be your time again to vote: you will decide the final winner that will become a scout in the game. We will give you the instructions how and where to vote in the next updates.

New social stretch goals!
As announced, today we present you the next 3 social stretch goals. However,this time, we will only reveal how to unlock the first goal, a new cool Item pack granting new weapons to your scouts.

To unlock this item pack, we need 200 subscribers to our newsletter – You can subscribe to our newslettere here! Achieving this goal opens the way to the arrival of a new, frightening enemy… The Mindblower… and we will reveal how to unlock it.

social stretch goals

The Mindblower is a new herald, and its arrival will increase the variety of enemies present in Sheol. And more will come with the next add-ons! What do you think about this new miniature?

sheol The Mindblower
Daily Unlock: Land Pack #2
In every mission, the layout of the lands on the board changes, because you choose them randomly from the deck of land tiles. Today’s unlock adds a new forgotten land (level 2 land) to the core game. It also adds an optional mission and 2 new narrative events (with front and back large cards) related to the land.

daily goals

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Thank you so much, Explorers of the Night! Continue to follow us on the Comments page, and in the next updates.

Preserve the Light!