second expansion Engineers' Caste sheol

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

Wednesday is our add-on day, and as promised, it is time to announce our second expansion! ^_^This time, it is the Engineer faction joining the ranks of the scouts to fight the darkness, in Engineers’ Caste, a € 29 optional add-on.

second expansion sheol

Engineers’ Caste brings into the game a new character: Leah Chang a.k.a. The Wrench. Leah is a tech specialist who uses drones to fight (have you noticed her robotic dog?). She can place her drones on the territory to set traps (using the included set of special tokens), and use them to destroy or reveal the shadows. She also carries a powerful lantern that can illuminate paths in all directions.

second expansion sheol wrench

Engineers’ Caste also introduces in the game patrol mechs . Mech are leftovers of the great machines that were used to build the citadel and during the time before the Submersion.

Using a new dedicated board to be placed next to the Citadel board, players can decide to deploy up to 2 patrol mechs by paying a certain amount of umbra. Mechs can move in a limited way in the cells surrounding the Citadel (this area is called “the twilight zone”). They are controlled by the players, who can use them to intercept shadows when they try to cross the lightring.

second expansion sheol mech

But be careful! The ranks of enemies are also growing: a new mechanical-themed Herald, The Skin Rider, will give the scouts a hard time!

Originally called “The Puppeteer”, this herald is a massive shadow that has taken control of a combat mech and its unfortunate pilot. The firepower of the mech therefore adds up to the power of the shadow itself, and the scouts will have to work hard to bring it down!

second expansion sheol skin rider

On top of these great new miniatures, the narrative side  of SHEOL is also enriched by this expansion. Just like the Luminary Monks expansion, Engineers’ Caste features a mini campaign that adds new lore to the game, and a dedicated mission for The Wrench.

Last but not least, Engineer’s Caste also adds new weapons, lanterns, accessories and upgrade skill cards that can be unlocked by scouts during the adventure.

What are you waiting for? Add this expansion to your pledge and help us to get SHEOL funded!

How you can add this expansion to your pledge

You can include optional add-ons such as this Engineers’ Caste Expansion using the “Manage your pledge” button appearing on the project page.  You keep the same pledge selected – but you simply designate a higher euro amount. So, if you want to add €29 for this  add-on to your €129  pledge, simply keep the same reward level, but make your pledge €158. If you want to add both “Luminary Monks” and “Engineer’s Caste,” make your pledge € 187.

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to  designate how to use your pledge in our Pledge Manager (to be activated a  few weeks after the campaign ends).

It is not mandatory that you  increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include add-ons  using the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign. However, each  euro pledged now will help the project to achieve its goal. There will be no Pledge Manager, if we do not achieve the goal first, and your support now can make the difference.

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