Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

the long awaited moment is here: Sheol’s third add-on is online!

The last faction left, Exiled Folks, joins the other scouts in our fight against darkness. This new faction introduces a new character: Chaman Agarwal a.k.a. The Maul. The Maul is a scout with a new archetype – Darkness. He is able to manipulate shadows in a limited way, thanks to some coral instruments called “Cartilage,” used by exiles.

This expansion also adds a new optional mechanic, corrupted items: weapons and lanterns increasing their strength when they destroy shadows.

However, we could not create an expansion without new enemies! A new type of basic shadow, the Swarmer, is added to the previous 4. These shadows, as we saw in our previous update, are able to change their characteristics based on the number of surrounding shadows.

This expansion also adds new weapons, lanterns, accessories and upgrade ability cards that can be unlocked by scouts during their missions. The narrative side is also enriched. As with the previous expansions, Exiled Folks also adds a  new mini campaign that reveals additional  background of the game world, and a dedicated mission to play with the Maul.

All-in against the Darkness!

Together with this expansion, we are also ready to announce the new All-in pledge level that allows you to enclose all the contents of SHEOL in a single package … saving!

The All-in pledge level includes the following rewards:

  • SHEOL Core Game
  • Land of Night Miniature Set
  • Luminary Monks Expansion 
  • Engineers’ Caste Expansion
  • Exiled Folks Expansion

and of course, all digital rewards and unlocked goals.

In fact, the all-in bundle is discounted at € 199 instead of € 216 (is the sum of the Scout Pledge plus three expansions).