Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

we are proud to announce the 4th add-on of Sheol: Tz’mitah, The Swallowing Twister. This add-on introduces a new Outer Lord miniature with its board, a new dedicated mission and new cards!

Tz’mitah is a enormous “boss”, like the other Outer Lords (see Update 18 for more about these arch-enemies), and it’s inspired by the fearsome real-world Goblin Shark. The mass of shadows grows as a gigantic tornado that devours everything it encounters on its way.

Tz’mitah is FREE in the All-in pledge!

As announced before, this new add-on is included  free of charge for all backers with an All-in pledge, which is now a value of € 230 if you count the cost of the Scout Rewards and all expansions.