Summer Holidays Update!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

as promised, here there is a new update!

In the last 30 days we worked on many aspects of the game. The main points are:

1) The story. We are polishing the final plot to fit all the additional missions unlocked during the campaign. Then we will review the complete writing of the mission manual. This is fundamental to write the narrative cards of the advanced missions that are still in playtesting.

2) The art. We are designing the lands artworks that during the KS campaign were work in progress. We want that you feel the Sheol’s atmosphere from every image. We also hired a professional colorist to help us to speed up the work.

3) The gameplay. We are continuing the testing and we are refining the rules. This will continue until the very last day before the start of the production. We also have some new game testers to enhance the game experience.

4) The miniatures. This is the part we are focusing more in those days. We started working with the factory to the modification of the models. In the image below you can see the “before” and the “after” of the mold adaptation process. As you can see we were able to keep all the parts that make Sheol’s miniatures unique.

Pledge Manager

We have already collected more than 1500 shipping costs in the PM. By the way still many of you have to complete it. Remember that completing the PM is crucial to receive the game. Also, remember to put the coupon code you received via email into the checkout form to register the amount you already paid on KS. If you didn’t received the coupon, please write to and we will send it to you. If you missed the tutorial to use the PM, you can find it here.

Many people also asked how much time the PM will remain open. Well, we plan to keep it open until the last days before the starting of the components printing. So until February-March.

August Holidays

Our team did not stop working, except for 3 days after the end of KS. We need some rest *_*! As we announced before, some days in August we will be offline and close the office. We will start again at the beginning of September, so expect the next update around the 5-10 of September. 

Preserve the Light!