The Pledge Manager is Live!

Hello, Trailblazers of the Unknown,

we are very pleased to announce that the Pledge Manager for Sheol is now open on our website!

Completion of the Pledge Manager is the single most important part of ensuring that you receive your pledge. On the Pledge Manager you will be able to specifically select what optional buys you want to include in your pledge. If you want additional Pledges (stretch goals included), as well as additional copies of the optional buys, you will be able to purchase those as well. You will also be able to define and confirm your shipping address and pay for your shipping cost once everything is selected.

How use the Pledge Manager

1) Go to

2) Login with the data provider by e-mail (please, check the spam folder). You will receive an additional e-mail with unique username, password and coupon code. Because you are a backer is important that you access with this data, so the system can recognize your pledge level.

3) After login click to Pledge Manager in the top bar, then on “I’m already a KS backer” and add to your cart all the sheol items you want to buy. For example if you pledge for the scout pledge in KS, you have to add the scout pledge, then you can add other material.

4) IMPORTANT: in the cart, add the coupon code received in the e-mail. This is personal and unique to you and correspond to the amount you paid on KS.

5) Finally put your shipping data in the checkout page and pay the shipping and the optional goods with credit card (gateway by Stripe).

We also prepared a video to explain this procedure:


Neoprene mat available

As announced before we reached the minimum buyers number for the play mat survey, so we added it to the Pledge Manager.

“Frequencies From The Unknown” – Official Sheol Soundtrack

Last but not least, we are more than happy to announce the official Sheol soundtrack album called “Frequencies From The Unkown”. The soundtrack will be created by Kai Schröer, CEO & Founder from The Wild Tusker Music Production based in Germany.

What you can expect from the album:

“Frequencies From The Unknown” is the digital soundtrack that will lead you deeper in the dark and dangerous environment of Sheol. Frightening atmospheres and evolving soundscapes paired with thematical music compositions, mutating sounds and noises from the Shadows, Heralds and Outer Lords in a perfect balance are the target of this digital album. Kai Schröer’s compositions will fill the gap between complete silence and typical music while playing Sheol with your friends. Available in 2021.

Here is “The Overture” of the album:


Preserve the Light!