sheol herald the whisperer

Herald: The Whisperer

Herald: The Whisperer “Madness is not rare in the lands of the night. Many scouts report having seen some of their deceased comrades call them

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sheol heralds awakener

Herald: The Awakener

Herald: The Awakener “Intelligent shadows are diabolical entities against which we are simply unprepared. With infinite patience, they lurk and wait in the dark and

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the hunter

Herald: The Hunter

Herald: The Hunter “I recall a particularly skillful and ruthless scout. During reconnaissance missions, while the others gathered Umbra or worked excavation sites in search

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sheol scout wrench

Meet the Wrench

Meet the Wrench Leah has always had mechanics in her blood along with a solitary personality. Despite growing up in the bourgeois area of the

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Meet the Merciful

Meet the Merciful Little is known about the Merciful. When a person takes their vows to become a luminary monk, they renounce their past. Some

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sheol character moth

Meet the Moth

Meet the Moth A desperate cry, frenzied lights that tear through the darkness, and a body suddenly disappearing upward into the night. This is what

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Meet the Cyclops

Meet the Cyclops To smash the coral skull of a creeping shadow, biceps as big as barrels are enough… but to wield a Heavy Radiator

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sheol shadow devourer

Meet the Devourer

Meet the Devourer The Scouts don’t need their Lux Lamps for detecting the approach of a Devourer. The vibrating ground is a clear enough sign

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The Lurker shadow - character design

Meet the Lurker

Meet the Lurker Countless tiny strands of darkness unite to form a creature driven by the pure instinct to kill. An ambush specialist, the Lurker

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board game miniature 2d scout

Meet the Pioneer

Meet the Pioneer The excitement of venturing into the depth of night is something both magnificent and terrible at the same time. With the darkness

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