sheol character moth

Meet the Moth

Meet the Moth A desperate cry, frenzied lights that tear through the darkness, and a body suddenly disappearing upward into the night. This is what

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Meet the Cyclops

Meet the Cyclops To smash the coral skull of a creeping shadow, biceps as big as barrels are enough… but to wield a Heavy Radiator

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Giochi Ducali 2019

Giochi Ducali 2019 This weekend we were guests at the Giochi Ducali event organized by Dadi Ducali. We made new friends, discovered new board games,

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sheol shadow devourer

Meet the Devourer

Meet the Devourer The Scouts don’t need their Lux Lamps for detecting the approach of a Devourer. The vibrating ground is a clear enough sign

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sheol scout maenad

Meet the Maenad

Meet the Maenad The Maenad is a survivor. Abandoned as a child, she grew up fending for herself among the lower levels of the citadel.

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The Lurker shadow - character design

Meet the Lurker

Meet the Lurker Countless tiny strands of darkness unite to form a creature driven by the pure instinct to kill. An ambush specialist, the Lurker

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