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sheol at ideag in parma

IDEAG 2019

IDEAG 2019 Last weekend we went to Parma to present Sheol prototype at IDEAG, a meeting for board game authors and designers 🔦🤩

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sheol heralds awakener

Herald: The Awakener

Herald: The Awakener “Intelligent shadows are diabolical entities against which we are simply unprepared. With infinite patience, they lurk and wait in the dark and

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sheol one minute update preview

One minute update #4

We’re finally here with a new One Minute Update! What will the miniatures be like? When will the latest video tutorial be out? Alexa and

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the hunter

Herald: The Hunter

Herald: The Hunter “I recall a particularly skillful and ruthless scout. During reconnaissance missions, while the others gathered Umbra or worked excavation sites in search

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Resist We have been going on like this for years. These days of eternal night that we call “cycles” make it difficult to keep track

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scheda connector

Meet the Connector

Meet the Connector The Connector is an elusive type. Those who have tried to map his position through the tortuous virtual space of the subnet

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